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Safari Guide Training Kenya

Field Guide NQF2

Looking for a change and want to spend quality time in the heart of the bush while learning about nature and African wildlife? Disconnect from the busy life and have the chance to qualify as a FGASA accredited Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2 - Level 1)

  • 35 days or 55 days
  • South Africa, Botswana or Kenya
  • From € 4.500
Tracks and Signs with EcoTraining instructor Sean

Professional Field Guide

Need a gap year or want to pursue a career in the safari industry? Get trained as a Professional Field Guide while living and learning in various unfenced wilderness camps in South Africa and Botswana. You will be supported by highly qualified instructors.

  • 1 year (335 days)
  • South Africa, Botswana
  • From € 20.500
observing rhinos on safari guide course with EcoTraining in Kenya

Safari Guide Training

This 28-day short safari guide course is for those wishing to experience a bush holiday while also learning about the surrounding environment and African animals. Live in the bush for almost a month and get a glimpse into the life of a field guide!

  • 28 days
  • South Africa, Botswana or Kenya
  • From € 4.400

walking safari activities Limpopo

Trails Guide

Have you done your Field Guide Course and want to qualify as a FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide? The difference is that this is all about walking safaris and tracking animals on foot. The Apprentice Trails Guide Status is the stepping stone in the process for guides to acquire their Lead Trails Guide qualification.

  • 28 days
  • South Africa, Botswana
  • From € 3.800
Baby Elephant on safari guide course in Kenya

Short Wildlife Courses

Do you only have time for a short wildlife course? There are several short courses, like 7/14-day EcoTracker (tracks, signs & animal trailing), 7/14-day EcoQuest (immerse nature learning experience), 6-day Birding in the Bush, 7-day Wilderness Photography, and 6-days wilderness trails skills.

  • 6 - 14 days
  • South Africa, Botswana or Kenya
  • From € 700 - € 3.850
Photographing wildlife during EcoTraining Safari Guide Course Kenya

Online Wildlife Courses

For those who first want to learn about wildlife online to be better prepared for future safaris or wildlife courses in the bush, you can do the online field guide (apprentice) or nature enthusiast (if you're not aiming to do the exam/practical assessments) and online trails guide or trails enthusiast.

  • 4 - 8 weeks
  • Remote
  • From € 240 - € 550
Safari Guide Course in Maasai Mara Kenya

14 reasons to join a safari guide course

I wrote an article about my personal experience of doing a wildlife course in the bush (with EcoTraining) and 14 reasons to consider a safari guide course. Since October '21, I'm a FGASA and CATHSSETA qualified Field Guide (NQF2).
Field Guide Training and Wildlife Courses

Field guide & (short) wildlife courses

If you are a nature and wildlife lover and want to enhance your knowledge of the natural world and African wildlife, a field guide course is the perfect fit!

These wildlife courses - varying from 6 days to 1 year - are not only for the ones who pursue a career as a safari guide, but for all nature enthusiasts who want to spend meaningful time in the African bush in order toΒ get a better understanding of the natural environment and animal behavior. It's a great alternative to an 'ordinary' group safari trip, ticking off the Big Five as you will learn so much more from all the experienced trainers.

After joining a safari guide course, you will feel rejuvenated and reconnected to nature. People who are unable to take time off their jobs for a minimum of 28 days, you have the possibility to join shorter wildlife courses from 6-7 days and 14 days up to 55 days. If you have a gap year or want to pursue a career in the safari and conservation industry, then the best way is signing up for the one year professional field guide course.

Charlie Gould - Biologist and Photographer

Charlie Gould

Photographer & Biologist

Kim is an absolute world of help!

"Kim has been an absolute world of help for me. She replied to my inquiry so quickly, and couldn't have been more helpful in providing me with all of the information, dates, FAQs and guidance required. We exchanged many emails, and she catered to all of my queries and requirements, and came back with all available options and opportunities. I can't recommend using Kim enough, for any help you may need!"

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