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Discover Hong Kong, Asia's best travel hub!

Hong Kong is not just a harbor city. It is a destination that offers breathtaking views for travelers with its enchanting landscape and buzzing city life. Hong Kong is "Asia's World City" and has several ports. Through the ultimate Hong Kong Travel Guide, we will delve into the best time to visit, and things to know and do in Hong Kong, Asia. You can also find other interesting facts related to Hong Kong.

Though Hong Kong does not have any UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it has 24 national parks. Hong Kong's mountainous terrain is yet another attraction for travelers. There are countless destinations you can explore in Hong Kong. From its extravagant cuisine to its shopping hubs, Hong Kong is a place that will continue to mesmerize you throughout your journey. The Hong Kong skylines are amazing and you can visit the second largest sitting Buddha statue in the world, the Tian Tan Buddha. Other places worth visiting in Hong Kong are Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour, and Ocean Park. You can take part in several festivals while in Hong Kong. They include the Chinese New Year Night Parade and the HK Art Festival. Planning to travel to Asia? Definitely start your vacation in Hong Kong and start exploring the wonders of Asia from there.

Interesting Facts Hong Kong

  Flag of Hong Kong

Hong Kong flag

  Hong Kong's National Animal


  Hong Kong National Dish

Dim Sum

  Currency in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dollar

 Hong Kong Time Zone

Hong Kong Standard Time (GMT+8)

Best time to visit Asia: weather and climate

Best time to visit Hong Kong

What is the best time to travel to Hong Kong? Hong Kong is a destination you can travel to anytime around the year. Different seasons have their own unique attractions. You can visit according to what you are planning to do while in Hong Kong. However, the weather can get extreme during the peak summer as well as winter season. The Hong Kong peak season extends from Autumn to early Spring. In the spring season, from March to April, you can enjoy the blooming of Hong Kong's emblem, Bauhinia flowers.

Things to know before you travel to Hong Kong

Is it safe to travel to Asia?

Safety in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a safe place to visit. Though pickpocketing and petty crimes occur, violent crime rates are pretty low. However, it is essential to take good care of your passports, money, and other valuables when you travel in crowded regions. You can consider keeping your valuables in the locker provided by your hotel or hostel. Women travelers and solo travelers have to be more careful while traveling in Hong Kong. Chances of demonstrations and strikes happening in the city are high. You have to keep track of the local news and travel cautiously to avoid any unexpected incidents. 

Do I need a Visa for traveling to Asia?

Visa requirements for Hong Kong

Visa requirements depend upon the country you are a citizen of and how long you plan to stay in Hong Kong. People visiting from 170 countries can travel without a Visa from seven to 180 days in Hong Kong. Some of these places include the US, Albania, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Travelers from these countries do not require a Visa for 90 days. UK citizens can stay in Hong Kong for 180 days. However, they must have a valid passport. You can always apply for a Hong Kong Visa online through the official website of the Immigration Department of the Government of Hong Kong.

Responsible Travel and Tourism in Asia

Responsible Travel in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a clean tourist destination. Though there are problems of over-tourism, the Hong Kong tourism sector is trying to implement measures to safeguard the environment. Air pollution is yet another crucial problem faced by Hong Kong. To reduce the issue, the Hong Kong government has formed ways to reduce carbon emissions by providing reusable products and waste management measures. Hotels in Hong Kong also focus on eco-policies and green tourism to enhance sustainability. 

Required vaccinations for traveling in Asia

Vaccinations & anti-Malaria tablets for Hong Kong

The WHO and CDC recommend travelers take their routine vaccines before traveling to Hong Kong. All travelers have to get vaccines for Measles, Chicken Pox, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Flu, Mumps, Rubella, and Polio. Most travelers have to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Hepatitis B and Rabies vaccines are others you can take while traveling to Hong Kong. Vaccinations for Hong Kong also depend upon the country from where you are traveling. It also relies upon the places you are planning to visit in Hong Kong.

Spoken Language in Asia

Spoken languages in Hong Kong

What language do they speak in Hong Kong? 96% of people in Hong Kong speak Cantonese. Other commonly used languages are Mandarin and English. Around 46% of people from Hong Kong can communicate in English. Most of the people involved in the tourism industry can speak English. People in main tourist spots like Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, and Tsim Sha Tsui can easily communicate in English. However, taxi drivers rarely speak English. You can always use Google Translate or other such applications to speak in the local language. Google Lens is yet another option that can help in understanding the local language.

Things to do add to your bucket list while traveling to Hong Kong

Big Buddha Lantau Island Kong Kong

The Big Buddha (Tian Tan)

Located on the hills of Lantau Island in Hong Kong, the Big Buddha is a beautiful site. The statue is 34 feet tall and is the tallest seated bronze Buddha figure in the world. Several hundred thousand tourists visit the Big Buddha every year. You can travel to this destination all around the year and the best time to visit is during early mornings on weekdays. Visiting Tian Tan in the summer season can be crowded. The statue of the Buddha faces south, which makes it unique. You can also visit the monasteries to have a view of the decorations in their halls. There are six small statues of Devas as well.  

Hong Kong thing to do: Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak and Peak Tram

Victoria Peak is one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong. It offers a spectacular view from the top and is also known as Mount Austin. You can hike via the trekking path to reach its highest point. Peak Towers and Peak Galleria are the two main leisure centers in Victoria Peak. You can get a spectacular view of Central Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour, and Lamma Island from Victoria Peak. 

Peak Tram, operating since 1888, carries millions of people to Victoria Peak every year. It takes around seven minutes to reach the top of the Peak if you are using the tram. It is suitable to enjoy the night view of the place. On top of the Peak, there are restaurants and a scenic garden.

Hong Kong Travel: Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village

Located on the west coast of Lantau Island, Tai O Fishing Village is a small community. People lead a life based on fishing, and they belong to the Tanka Tribe. The village is also called "The Venice of Hong Kong". The houses are small, and in the alleys, you can find people selling local products like dried fish, shrimp paste, and squid. From the viewpoint of Tai O, you can catch a view of Lantau Island and the airport. You can go on Kayaking trips, watch dolphins, and enjoy the culture of the region. It is better to visit the place on weekdays. 

Hong Kong Travel: Kowloon

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Located in the mainland of Hong Kong, Kowloon is an urban peninsula with numerous shops and other destinations. Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok are the two main tourist hubs in the region with several shops and markets. Kowloon Waterfront is yet another spot that offers an enchanting view of the seashores.  

Mong Kok is a destination best suited for having street food. The new Kowloon has numerous Taoist temples and Buddhist nunneries. You can find the remains of old Hong Kong in Sham Shui Po in Kowloon.

Victoria Harbor Hong Kong

Avenue of the Stars

Avenue of the Stars is akin to Hollywood's walk of fame. It has statues and handprints of various movie stars. The place is scenic throughout the day. However, it is best to visit either in the morning or in the evening. There is a light show at 8 pm on the Avenue of the Stars. There are exhibitions related to films, local music, and other events. You can enjoy local music, theatres, and dance. You can also view the skyline and Victoria Harbor from Avenue of the Stars.

Hong Kong Harbor: Symphony of Lights

Symphony of Lights in Victoria Harbor 

Being the most famous harbor in Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor offers a magnificent view. You can also enjoy the harbor by walking on Avenue of the Stars. There have been many shows in the harbor, along with fireworks. Symphony of Lights is a music and lighting show. It offers an extravagant night view of Hong Kong City. You can always browse back to our Hong Kong Travel Guide before you pack your bags for your vacation to Hong Kong or visit the Hong Kong Tourism Board for the latest events happening in this vibrant harbor city.