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United States of America Travel Guide

The USA is a blend of culture, cuisine, lifestyle, entertainment, and many more. From lush green forests to crystalline beaches, the United States of America has a lot to offer to every traveler. It has a brimming metropolis with bustling cities like Miami, New York, Boston, and Chicago.

There are snow-covered mountains and rainforests. The USA is the third most densely populated country in North America with several tourists visiting the country regularly. Here, in the USA travel guide, we will delve into the best time to visit. We will look into things to do in the USA from exploring its paradise beaches to road-tripping Route 66. We will also discuss the factors you have to keep in mind while planning your trip to the USA and other interesting facts.

The USA has 50 states in total and is one of the most influential countries in the world. Though there are several skyscrapers in Manhattan and Chicago, there are many unexplored and uninhabited places too. These regions thrive with natural beauty. In the USA, there are 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. However, the United States left UNESCO in 2019. The USA has 63 National Parks and 423 official units of the National Park System.

When you travel to the USA, Yellow Stone and Alaska are two natural wonders worth exploring. You can also visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, Universal Studios, Disneyland, Hollywood, The Everglades, the Rocky Mountains, and several other mesmerizing destinations.

Interesting Facts the USA

  Flag of the USA

United States of America Flag

  National Animal of the USA

American Bison and Bald Eagle

  USA National Dish

Apple Pie, Hamburger, Hotdog

  Currency in the USA

American Dollar (USD)

  USA Time Zone
Eastern Standard Time Washington DC (GMT-5) and five other time zones.

What is the best time to visit the USA?

Best time to visit the USA

The best time to plan your trip to the USA is during the spring or fall.

  • The spring season lasts between March and May. It is the best time to visit heritage sites. You can take part in numerous outdoor activities while you visit the USA during the spring season. You can go hiking, camping, and also biking.
  • The fall season is between September and November. It is also the harvest season. The weather would be pleasant, and it is a great time to explore the mountains. You can go camping and rock climbing when you visit the USA during the fall season.
  • There is a peak in tourism during the summer months from May to September. During this time, the prices will be high, and the climate will be hot and humid. However, there are chances of hurricanes in some parts of the USA during August and September. During summer, there are numerous festivals. The celebrations of the 4th of July and Burning Man are worth attending.
  • Winter can be pretty harsh. It is between December and February. However, celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year in the USA can be a magical experience. 

Things to know before you travel to the USA

Is it safe to travel to the USA?

Safety in the USA

The USA is a safe country for travelers. Though there might be isolated incidents, there won't be many problems in tourist destinations. When it comes to petty crimes, there is a decline in them. Mugging and pickpocketing can happen, like in all busy places around the world. The means of transportation in the USA is safe and reliable. However, you have to take care of your belongings when you travel. You can place them in the locker provided for you in your hostel or hotel. There aren't many issues reported while traveling alone at night. However, you can avoid some places and isolated streets. 

Do I need a Visa for traveling to the USA?

Visa requirements for the USA

For travelers from some countries, it can be hard to get a Visa for the USA. There will be an interview, and you would have to pay 160 USD to get the visa. However, travelers from Canada don't need a visa when they travel to the USA. Apart from that, travelers from 39 countries don't require a visa. However, they have to pre-register through a portal known as ESTA. You can only travel to the USA once you receive their approval. For travelers from some countries, they have to obtain both the traditional and the electronic visa.

Responsible Travel and Tourism in the USA

Responsible Travel in the United States of America

The USA is becoming extremely popular for its natural wonders. Numerous vacation spots focus on eco-tourism. Alaska is a destination that has resorts and accommodations that highlight the preservation of the environment. There are several hundred national and state parks as well. There is a sustainable tourism project in Alaska that provides certification and other eco-friendly activities. They organize excursions, wildlife, and nature adventure trips. Apart from Alaska, Colorado is a location that fosters eco-friendly travel. Hawaii is a place that enhances sustainability. It is also a member of the International Ecotourism Society. Apart from that, Virginia Birt and Wildlife Trails, Lake Erie, and Half Moon Bay are a few eco-friendly destinations you can add to your bucket list. 

What vaccinations do I need for travel to the USA?

Vaccinations & anti-Malaria tablets for the USA

The USA does not recommend any special vaccinations while traveling. However, travelers can get their regular vaccinations, as mentioned by WHO and CDC. Some common vaccines are for Measles, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever, etc. The USA government does not mention the need to take antimalarials. However, it can depend upon the country you are traveling from to the USA.

What is the spoken language in the USA?

Spoken languages in the United States of America

Though the USA does not have any official language, American English is the de facto national language. Around 78% of the people communicate in English. Apart from that, Spanish is another language in the USA. Communication will not be a problem when you travel to the USA. Sometimes, it might be tough to understand the accent. You can always use Google Lens and Google Translator in case you confront any problems.

Things to do in the USA to add to your travel bucket list

New York City Travel: Lady Liberty

New York City Trip: Explore the highlights of Manhattan

New York City bursts with diverse cultures and lifestyles. Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Queens are some of the cities worth visiting in New York. Manhattan has several iconic attractions like skyscrapers, incredible restaurants, and more. You can attend a Broadway show, go for long walks in Central Park, visit the Empire State Building, take a trip to Liberty Island, walk the High Line, and admire the Vessel. With a thriving nightlife and culture, Manhattan is a place that you cannot afford to miss while traveling to New York.

USA Travel: Canyonlands National Park

Visit the mighty five national parks of southern Utah!

Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion, are the five national parks of southern Utah.

Around 1.5 million visitors visit Arches every year. Arches is famous among both adventurers and nature enthusiasts. If you prefer adventure sports, you can abseil through the canyons. If you admire nature, there are numerous vegetations and wildlife to explore. Bryce Canyon is yet another spot that can attract nature enthusiasts. It is a fantasy land with sandstone pillars. When you visit Bryce Canyon, don't forget to go for a hike to the sunrise point and Bryce point. 

Canyonlands is an excellent location to visit in southern Utah. It is one of the best spots to go for steer kayaking and mountain cycles. The Maze, The Needles, and the Island in the Sky are three different destinations worth exploring in the Canyonlands.

When you are in southern Utah, you cannot miss Zion National Park. With its breathtaking cliffs and valleys, Zion National Park is the dream location for every photographer. It is the oldest among the five national parks and has several animal communities too. With its awe-inspiring sandstone cliffs and domes, Capitol Reef is a magical destination. It has the Water Pocket Fold. However, it is the least visited national park in southern Utah.

USA Travel: Key West Florida

Explore Miami and the Keys in Florida

With numerous sandy beaches, bustling nightlife, tropical gardens, Miami is an excellent destination worth traveling in the USA. It has several dancehalls, rooftop bars, thriving art scenes, and more to explore. With a pleasant climate, many music and dance festivals are happening in Miami. Oleta River State Park is an excellent spot for relaxing while visiting Miami.

When you are in Florida, the Florida Keys is a lively spot that offers one of the best road trips, all the way to Key West. It is a place suited to go fishing and diving. It has a vibrant atmosphere with enchanting scenery.

UTAH Photography: Night Photography in Arches National Park

Visit the Dark Sky Park of Arizona 

Arizona is one of the best places to go for stargazing. You can spot Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter on a clear night. If you enjoy photography, Arizona is an excellent location for night photography. Arizona has ten international dark sky parks, including the Grand Canyon National Park and Parashant National Monument. Apart from that, White Mesa Arch is a primitive area with several sandstone layers. You can get the best snapshot of sunrise from here all year round.

North America Travel: USA

Roadtrip through Arizona's desert

Arizona has numerous forests, mesmerizing towns, deserts, and more. You can go on a road trip through Arizona's desert and explore Flagstaff, Scottdale, Monument Valley, Tucson, and the Grand Canyon.

You can also explore Flagstaff, a gateway that leads to the Grand Canyon. Scottdale is a destination with numerous spas that allows you to rest and relax. It is a biologically diverse desert as well. Monument Valley is a desert landscape where you can explore sandstone arches and backcountry. It's a photographers' paradise, but basically all of Arizona!

Tucson is a spot that offers picturesque hikes and has parks like El Presidio Park, Saguaro National Park, and Catalina State Park. The Grand Canyon is another must-visit in Arizona, which is more than two billion years old. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. You can find the oldest rocks on the planet in the Great Canyon. Don't forget to visit Horseshoe Bend, also known as the 'east Rim of the Grand Canyon'.

Best thing to do in New York City: Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Visit Brooklyn and walk the Brooklyn Bridge!

How can we miss out on the global capital of creativity and culture in the USA? Brooklyn has more to offer you in the form of fashion, arts, nightlife, and nature. You can attend concerts at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Barge Music. Brooklyn also provides a breathtaking view of New York's skyline. 

The Brooklyn Bridge offers a splendid view and is the oldest suspension bridge in the USA. You can walk on the pedestrian walkway from Brooklyn to Manhattan. The best time to visit the bridge is during sunset. 

Through this USA travel guide, we have looked into numerous things that can enhance your experience while traveling to the USA. Feel free to browse back to our page to refresh your bucket list before backpacking to the USA.