Crossing Giant Malagasy Chameleon

Award-winning photo of the National Geographic photo competition in 2019

  • Public Choice award-winner in the category animal
  • Published in National Geographic Magazine (November 2019)
  • Part of the National Geographic photo exhibition 'Colors of the World'
  • As seen on TV
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My 8 minutes of fame on television (in Dutch)

This photo of an adult male chameleon (Furcifer Oustaleti or Giant Malagasy Chameleon) was taken during a 3,5-week road trip through Madagascar, on the main road along the Bay of Diego-Suarez. 

Taking a good photo often requires a lot of patience and research on the subject you want to capture, but sometimes it’s partly about luck! In my case, I was lucky I saw this chameleon crossing the street on my way to the airport. 

I jumped out of the car and a few seconds later I instinctively got down on the asphalted street to get on eye-level with this colorful Oustalet’s Chameleon.

I knew I wanted to capture the somewhat comic and awkward walk including both eyes; I also needed the road surface to be part of the picture, because you usually spot chameleons in plants and trees. 

As a travel- and wildlife photographer, I love to photograph our beautiful wildlife, with emphasis on WILD! In my opinion, wild animals need to stay as wild as possible.

Of course, I also want a perfect picture of a chameleon, but not without putting these wild animals first and my perfect picture second.

That is one of the reasons why I was happy with that moment and experience on the street. The chameleon chose to cross the street by itself and was not put there by a human to create this scene. 

Fine art print of wildlife: Giant Malagasy Chameleon

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Malagasy Giant Chameleon Fine Art Print, Madagascar
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