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Founder, Author and Photographer
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Kim is a travel writer, entrepreneur, and passionate award-winning travel and wildlife photographer with a crush on Africa. She is on a mission to travel, explore, and capture the world with love and respect for our planet. Kim believes that travel makes you a better person and enriches your life if you treat 'Mother Earth' and all its inhabitants the way you want to be treated, with love and respect!

She always takes the scenic route. Interested in self-development, happy when she hears the birds sing in the morning and excited every time the sky turns in pretty colors. Committed to being a more responsible traveler, she is also a wildlife enthusiast feeling at home on the plains of Southern and Eastern Africa.

Kim followed her dream to combine her two biggest passions and created 'Our Planet in my Lens', a platform where she shares travel experiences and travel images, taken on our planet. She writes about responsible travel choices, travel tips about the destinations she visits, and photography tips to become a better photographer including amazing photos taken on her travels around the world.