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Travel Writer, Photographer, Field Guide & Photo Safari Tour Leader
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I’m a NatGeo-published travel and wildlife photographer, and travel blogger on a mission to travel, explore, and capture the world with love and respect for our planet. I’m also a photo safari guide taking travel lovers on photography trips to Africa.

I gave up my great position as a Policy Advisor at the government to follow my dreams. As a nature & wildlife enthusiast at heart, I feel at home in the African bush. It makes me feel humble, alive, and free. I understood my place in the world again and the important role we must play in maintaining our natural balance.

In this busy world, we live in, I use my photography as an anchor to slow down and mindfully connect to nature, by observing and capturing our natural world from the heart, creating imagery that represents our wild nature & the true essence of life. To me, it's important to inspire others with our love for the natural world & its wildlife so that we can help preserve it for future generations.

I believe that travel makes you a better person and enriches your life if you treat 'Mother Earth' and all its inhabitants the way you want to be treated, with love and respect!

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