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Best Safari Clothing for Women

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It can be tough for women to find the right safari clothes. Most safari clothing is made with men in mind and sold as unisex. Remember that comfort is essential. Imagine wearing a jumpsuit when you need to use the bush toilet during a game drive, or trying to get into a safari vehicle wearing a short skirt – not very practical, is it? So, while a stylish women's safari outfit is great, make sure it also lets you move comfortably during your safari trip.

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To help you find the best clothes to wear on safari in Africa, I will highlight my personal favorite safari clothing brands for women.

RUGGEDWEAR’s Tayla Jane Range

Women should definitely check out RUGGEDWEAR’s Tayla Jane Range. The clothes offer exceptional comfort, breathability, rapid drying, and a fashionable appeal. It’s one of my favorite safari clothing brands for women with the Parka as my fave item.

What to pack for safari in Africa?Safari Blouse Tayla Jane Range

I also always make sure to pack RUGGEDWEAR’s blouses when I go on safari. Thanks to the breathable material, I can comfortably wear them for multiple days in a row without worrying about unpleasant odors. Plus, these clothes require no ironing after washing, and even dirt, such as mud, can be easily removed, making them a convenient and essential choice for my journeys.

Colmar: for urban styles and outdoor activities

colmar lightweight jacket

The luxury Italian clothing brand Colmar is specializes in outdoor wear. Their high-quality garments are well-suited for safari adventures. Colmar's commitment to durability, protection from the elements, functionality, breathability, and the versatility of layering make their clothing an excellent choice for both skiing and safari adventures.

My favorite Colmar item is this casual lightweight jacket with a fixed hood. It's convenient, comfortable, and made of thermal and water-repellent material. The side pockets and a practical adjustment drawstring make the jacket feminine and functional for a stylish women's safari outfit.

Rogue Hats

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Rogue Hats are a popular choice to wear on safari. These safari hats are not only stylish, but also practical for protecting yourself from the African sun. They are known for their quality and durability. Many safari-goers appreciate the wide brims of Rogue Hats, which offer excellent shade and sun protection. If you're looking for a blend of fashion and function during your safari, Rogue Hats are a fantastic option to consider.

Fjällräven Outdoor Safari Clothing for Women

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Fjällräven is another great brand for safari clothing for women, and I especially love their light-weight khaki blouses and outdoor trekking tights. Their short and long sleeved blouses are comfy, breathable and they dry extremely quick, which is great if you're for example on a walking safari in the harsh sun. The long sleeve blouses also protect you from the sun or insects.

Fjällräven is all about making clothes that work well in tough conditions but still look good. So, if you want reliable and stylish safari attire, Fjällräven is another brand to check out.

Palladium Boots

Safari Shoes for Women

Palladium Boots are my favorite shoes to wear on safari and there are a lot of earth tones to choose from. They are a great choice for safari footwear on your next adventure, thanks to their durability, comfort, and breathability. Palladium is also a very affordable brand. Another favorite brand for safari shoes is Veldskoen. I love their Chelsea Boot and Urban Shoe.

No matter which brand you choose, make sure your shoes are comfortable, supportive, and appropriate for the climate and terrain you'll be encountering on your safari.

I hope this article with my favorite brands made it easier to compile a woman's safari outfit.