Depth of Field (DoF)

Everything you need to know about Depth of Field (DoF) in photography, for example, a definition of Depth of Field, how to use it on your camera to change the DoF in your images, and the relation of Depth of Field with the aperture.

What is Depth of Field in Photography?

Depth of Field (DoF) in photography refers to the ‘acceptable sharpness’ in front and behind the subject, you’re photographing. By choosing the right Depth of Field, you can focus the attention on a specific subject of place. 

How can you use Depth of Field in your images?

By making the area around the subject more blurry, your subject will automatically stand out. Depth of Field is controlled by adjusting the aperture setting on your camera. The aperture affects this blurriness and sharpness by changing the size of the opening in the lens. 

  • With a large aperture (a small aperture number), your background will be more blurry, meaning that a smaller, more specific, part of your image will be in focus;
  • A smaller aperture (high aperture number) means that more of your photo will be in focus. 

Actually, a smaller aperture (f-) number results in less Depth of Field, and a larger aperture (f-) number means more Depth of Field. 

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