Rangers protecting gorillas on a daily base

What is a Game Ranger?

A game ranger, or simply ranger, is responsible for a wide range of duties related to the management and conservation of wildlife. This includes veterinary care, population control and breeding, as well as more practical tasks such as fencing, fire control, road maintenance, and the removal of invasive plants.

Many rangers are also involved in research and monitoring projects, and they work to promote sustainable tourism practices and protect the local environment. They often patrol protected areas, prevent poaching, monitor wildlife, and help communities to resolve human-wildlife conflicts.

masai mara rhino conservation

What is the difference between a field guide and a ranger?

A field guide or nature guide, has an educational role to create awareness of the importance and vulnerability of the natural and cultural environment and acts as the link between the guests and the natural and cultural surroundings. A game ranger usually doesn't deal with guests in an educational way and focusses on conservation management of a specific area, for example protecting the gorillas in Bwindi National Park in Uganda or Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda or protecting rhinos to prevent them from getting poached.

Gorilla Conservation by Rangers in Volcanoes National Park

Wildlife Conservation and wildlife courses

Are you looking for a career in wildlife conservation? Have a look at the Wildlife Courses. Doing a wildlife course is also a great alternative to a regular safari trip as you will learn a lot about the flora and fauna of nature in Africa.

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